About Us

成立於2021年4月, 主要經營 24K/999, 18K/Au750/ , 在紅磡區中小本經營的方式, 以經濟的價錢提供高質量的貨品.

主要服務對象, 在港本地香港人 /菲律賓人 /印尼人, 希望以不同方位為各種人士提供服務.


Established in April 2021, the main business is 24K/999, 18K/Au750/ . It operates in small and medium-sized businesses in Hung Hom district and provides high-quality goods at an economical price.

The main service targets, local Hong Kong people / Filipinos / Indonesians in Hong Kong, hope to provide services to various people in different directions.

In the future, we will work hard to add more diversified products to purchase for each customer