How to maintain jewelry?

After buying jewelry, how should we maintain it?

Separately placed in the jewelry box
Keep it properly. Do not wear it during heavy work or physical activity. When not wearing it, store the jewelry separately in the jewelry box to prevent scratches caused by friction with other jewelry

Remove jewelry while exercising
Keep away from chemicals, avoid letting jewelry come in contact with bleaching or irritating chemicals,
Although they will not harm the jewelry, they may change the color of the jewelry.

Clean regularly
Clean on time, soak the jewelry in mild soapy water, after cleaning and rinsing,
Remember to wipe the sweat with a clean soft cloth to avoid scratches

avoid collision
Because of the special craftsmanship of jewelry, if the product is deformed,
It can not be repaired if it is dented or broken. When wearing, please pay attention to avoid collision and squeeze

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